Mummies , my baby is 1 years old and he already had almost full set of teeths which include his first and second molar . But how do i brush his teeth ? When do you introduce toothpaste ?

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I use e pigeon toothbrush. Got 3 different brushes in a pack for different age groups. I find it very useful. Can be bought at Ntuc finess or kiddy palace. I will juz rinse e toothbrush with tap water. I will hold on to a wet hanky (sqeeze dry) in one hand. Den i juz put in e brush into his mouth n juz brush, along e gums, outer teeth & inner side, and tongue. After i clean one part, i will juz wipe e brush against e wet hanky, den i will continue brushing. So brush awhile n wipe on hanky every time, and continue tiz cycle. Tiz is wad i do.

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You can use stage 2 toothbrush to brush his teeth or finger brush if your child refuses to have his teeth brushed or use cloth if it scares him. No need toothpaste for now until he knows how to spit it out. Ensure mouth is well rinsed (get him to drink water) after meals or after eating sweet food. Wipe his teeth after that. Brush his teeth at least twice a day.

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i use those finger tooth brush for now to proper brush his teeth with just water. I will also get a baby toothbrush (from piegon) for him to learn how to brush himself. Toothpaste will only come in when he knows how to spit at arnd 2,5yo

I'm using kodomo and so far so good. My boy doesn't do a great job but I try to let him manage. IF REALLY needed then ill help him brush. Just gently do it for him

1 year old finger tooth brush works best. It's easier to reach the back molar. I have starts with toothpast just a tiny drop.