How do you brush baby teeths ? do you use toothpaste or just clean water? If its toothpaste , is there any recommendation brand for baby .

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Hi. Oral care starts even when there is no teeth with a washcloth with clean water. U can also purchase oral wipes which are for one time use. By right suppose to after every feed but some pple also do it just twice a day. If teeth appear alrdy then have to use toothpaste. Either no or v low Floride - a rice grain size on a "finger toothbrush". U can find quite a few brands in middle palace(I bought mine there but can't remember the brand) NUk also have toothpaste for baby. When baby is able to spit (aka toddler) then can upgrade to fluoride ones

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I use a wash cloth and water to clean babies gums after each meal. That is sufficient, i would not introduce any toothpaste till baby is a year old.

There’s Colgate/ darlie brand for kids below 3. Safe to swallow too