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Hi mummies, anyone using yao lan for your baby? My nanny has pampered my baby by carrying him to rock him to sleep. Now my baby needs to be rocked to sleep. We gave in and bought the yao lan. I read about shaking baby vigorously causing internal brain bleeding. The max speed for the yao lan is 4 and my husband uses his hand to shake the yao lan faster and lower, he says baby likes this and sleeps faster. However I am feeling worried if the up and down movement will affect my baby.

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My baby can play inside yaolan for long time and sometimes he open his eye wide looking at the danggling hanging toys. Increasing the speed can't make him sleep. So I guess yaolan don't really cause any brain damage or dizziness as claim. If it does, I would have brain damage liao😅 just be cautious with baby sitting up and dropping out from it

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You can’t really pamper or over-pamper a baby. If your baby needs to be carried or rocked to feel secure and loved so that he can sleep, I feel it’s fine. Yao lan is ok. Just be careful and ensure that it’s not too sudden, too fast or low to avoid hitting the head.

my dad was very aggressive using yao lan on us (#1 me to #7 lil sis). all of us still good and kicking hahaha but dont be aggressive la 😂 im not using yao lan for my baby as we prefer her to sleep in her cot and not dependant being rocked unless necessary

3y ago

Hahaha ok 🙂

I used it for my son (now 4 yrs) and my daug(3+ mths) . My son is ok, very chatty n friendly little boy. Just tk precaution when bb learns how to flip/sit up/ stand up. :)

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Yup, I did from 2 months onwards (for her sleep and my sanity :P) till she outgrows it at 13 months. I always set it at the lowest speed. So far no issues with my LO.

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Nope! Never used yao lan due to safety.. I kiasu mummy. Hahahah.. I nurse my baby to sleep..

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Me! I’ve been using it for 6 months already. Seems okay😅

3y ago

Ok thanks mummy😊

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My boy slept in it from 3 Mo. No issues as of now.


Me using yaolan for baby to sleep during the day.

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Nope, trying my best now too to avoid yaolan