soy milk.

Hi mummies. Anyone tried drinking soya milk while breastfeeding? Any allergic reaction or is it not recommended? Tia!

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Some babies might be allergic to soy, cow’s milk. You can try drinking for a few days and see if your baby has any allergic reactions like eczema, increased mucus etc.

If an intolerance is suspected, your doctor may recommend that you go on a milk, and possibly soy, free diet, in order to continue breastfeeding your baby.

Real soy bean is OK, without sugar and stuff. Sit been is actually good due to the amount of proteins


Me! I drink quite a bit of soy milk but don't drink too much too. It helps in breast milk too!

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That’s the only dairy I drank as im lactose intolerance but no allergic reaction on LO

I drank while breastfeeding. I am not allergic to soya milk.. In fact I love it

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Generally ok, unless you are allergic to it. Each person reacts differently.

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I did! No allergic reaction. I chose those non GMO beans ones.

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If you’re allergic to soya, please refrain from drinking it.

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I drink alot during my pregnancy, but opt for lower sugar