Is there any danger of taking too much soy product while breastfeeding? Recently I've been drinking a lot of soy milk and soy products from Mr Bean.

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I don't think there's any danger in the milk n the baby... But more to urself? Take everything in moderation, old ppl believe cannot take too much soy product if not later the knees are weak.. N scientifically, soy has estrogens.. if we take too much soy products, our body cannot process it.. Den it might be dangerous.. Pls take in moderation.. Do not excessive.

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6y ago

Thanks for the link and the advise. I'll try to cut down.

You can take anything when you are breastfeeding even small content of alcohol. Just take note of your baby's behaviour to see if she is allergic to them. On a side track, your body will still produce good quality BM no matter what you eat.

I don't think so you can't take soy products during breastfeeding. Basically, bottom line is to take everything and anything in moderation. To me, you can take anything but just take note of your baby's behaviour.

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6y ago

Thanks, I will do that.

I myself love soy milk too! but its really about taking at moderate not too often as its still fragmented (if you know the making process) but its definitely a milk booster when comes to breastfeed :)

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Hmm.. if too much for my baby, it causes constipation. I only take when I am having diarrhoea.. cos baby will get diarrhoea as well.. so soy milk helps to stop diarrhoea.

Soy product is my boaster.. Esp soya milk.. So I don't think there's any danger on taking too much while breastfeeding.. Anyway still need to see how your lo react..


Drink and eat things in moderation. Your body needs balanced nutrition and drinking too much soybean or taking too much soybean products will not be good for the body

Soy products will interfere with female hormone balance. So it’s not recommended for those who high risk or have had fibroid, cysts history.

It's a milk booster for me, however everything in moderation. If baby and you do not have adverse effects, a cup or two a day should be ok

I think it's fine to consume soy products. but u have to take note and see if your baby has any reactions after consuming the bm.