Induce or C sect?

I'm currently 38w and 2d. Kinda worried that baby will not want to come out in time. And base on the weight now is already 3.5-3.6kg now. And if baby doesn't come out in time i Will have to go induce on 41 weeks which i'm worry baby will go even bigger, if is you will u go for induce or C sect? FYI, My third delivery was norm delivery without epidural and weighing of 4.1kg. Please advise~ TIA

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Wow to be able to deliver 4kg baby w/o epi tt's a huge feat mummy! For me my baby was 3.8kg by 38th wk and being FTM I was scared of a hard labour so I opted for elective csect at 39+ wks instead. Didn't regret it as it was fast and got to know baby's cord was wrapped ard baby's neck during birth so even if I had tried to deliver normally, wld have likely ended up emergency csect. It really depends on how u feel mommy, if u think u can endure another labour tho induce is likely to be more painful but u can opt for epi this time round.

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3y ago

yeah. the weight given from them is just a estimate numbers. and by 41 weeks im afraid that it will get bigger. i actually will rather norm delivery than csect as csect healing is really very slow.