My EDD is 10 July. Bb is almost 4kg now. Had #1 via natural birth. Used a different gynae this time, and gynae wanted us to consider if we want to induce once bb hits 4kg and try natural birth first or we want to go straight for c-sect? Any mummies with similar experience?

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Both cesarean birth and natural birth carry risks. Natural birth is safer than cesarean in most cases. Ultrasound is not a good indicator of the size of your baby but an estimation and it can be off by 2lbs. It means the accuracy on assessing the size of your baby is only 40% accuracy. There is no baby too big for the Mother give birth to. Her body is equipped with the innate ability to birth her baby through her vagina. She can birth her baby safely if she has a freedom of movement and birth her baby in the position of her choice. If she is in doubt, hire a Doula.

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The major risk with big babies is possible shoulder dystocia where shoulders can get stuck coming out. When we were considering, I found this resource quite helpful ( My gynae also told us that c-sec is better for baby (no risk of injuries or trauma) but worse for mum (longer healing time) so we opted for a c-section.

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Well my wife give birth to a 4.5++kg baby 1 month before edd and a big baby is hard to go through natural and at risk so doctor recommend cesarean fast and good .unless baby head is small u can try natural if your gynae are pro natural

My due date is Jun 9 and now is 38weeks. Baby abt 3.3kg. Doc also recommend me to induce. My 1St baby abt 2.8kg only and is v hard for me to give birth already.

I've given birth naturally. Thank goodness!