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Hi all, I just went for my 36 weeks scan and was told that baby is now head down (previously at 33 weeks she was breech) and that she weighs 3.1kg. Would love to know your baby’s weight at birth and at how many weeks did you deliver. The gynae told me 3.1kg is within normal range at 36 weeks but I think it’s normal to feel that baby is on the heavier side which I’m not really worried at the moment but quite worried if she’s gonna be 4kg at birth. And then I’ll require an emergency c-sect instead cause gynae already cancelled my scheduled c-sect on 14th Oct since baby is already head down and told me that we could try to go for normal birth on my initial EDD which is on 19 Oct. Any of you encountered baby stopped growing until birth or baby will keep growing? Have any of you also encountered baby turned breech again at the last min before EDD? #1stimemom #advicepls

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During my 38 weeks my baby was 3.16KG, after birth he was 3.36KG but my gynae previously when i am on my 30 weeks she did advise me to control my food intake if i am going for natural birth so i control my food intake to not let my baby's weight grow so much. My baby's head turned down at week 37, my EDD was 6th September but he came out on 1st September

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They told me baby was 3.8kg at 39 weeks .. went for induced labour and baby came out was 3.729kg


was told at 35 weeks baby is 3.5kg c sec at 36 weeks weight 3.2kg