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Hi mummies! Anyone gave birth naturally (or induce) to babies weighing over 4kg? I'm at 37 weeks 4 days now and baby is already weighing at 3.6kg..gynae advises either I wait naturally, do induce labour since now weight is quite big or do elective c sect..I am thinking if I wait naturally baby will be over 4kg by then..would it be easy to give birth to a 4kg baby?

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Ya natural or c sect doesn’t really matter . End of day everything is worth it when u see ur baby :) my baby was born at 37 weeks c sect. He was 3.6 kg and my gynaecologist asked me to go for sect cause he worried baby shoulder stuck. I was initially also very worried cause one of my friend kept saying c sect is bad etc.. but for safety of my son I rather suffer more . The whole ops was very fast and smooth. Downside is wound still pain till now (he’s 6 mths old )

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