My mum has this mindset that baby will be in deep sleep after he latches on me coz everytime she feeds him via bottle , he refuses to sleep after that. Hence,she is blaming me that in future, it will be hard to take care of him herself as he will be looking for my boobs to latch on because he used me as a human pacifier. Is this even true? Need advise. How then can I regulate my milk supply if baby doesnt latches on me? All this while, if baby fell asleep, i will quickly unlatch him.

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Super Mum

Sleep association with breastfeeding is common and normal. Initially, I think it’s perfectly good and fine. If you’re planning to break the association to sleep train your baby, you can aim to finish feeding baby 15 minutes before nap/bedtime, then do a bedtime routine with baby to get him to sleep. I don’t think anyone should tell you to stop breastfeeding because that’s your personal decision:) if you don’t latch baby on, then pumping at regular intervals will also help regulate your production. Honestly, baby will also adapt and adjust. If you’re no longer there, baby will have to learn how to sleep using other methods. Your mum will need to try and see what works.. whether patting, pacifier, rocking, cry-it-out method, etc. If your mum’s going to be the main caregiver alone and she’s showing signs of anxiety about not being able to get baby to sleep without you, you may want to give a good practice runway of 2-4 weeks, ie. Simulate what it’s going to be like.. so you pump milk in the day and let her do the feeding and putting baby to bed, then you latch on for the evening/night. This will help everyone to adjust. Of course, if things get very difficult, like baby refuses to sleep even after 1 hr of her trying to get him to sleep, then you can step in and latch him on to try to rescue the nap. Hope this helps a little:)

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Thank you for this helpful information😊