Newborn always crying and wants to latch

Hi Mummies, I am a first time mum here and I am looking for advise on breastfeeding as I am really confused and worried on what to do. My baby is 12 days old now and recently I have noticed that he cries a lot even after latching. It seems like he always wants to latch. Right after latching he shows latching cues again. In one sitting he latches for approximately 45 mins. I am super confused and worried on what could be the reason here. Family is suggesting that I introduce bottle as he latches for too long very frequently but I don’t want to as I feel that he won’t latch then. Any mummies who experienced this ? What shall I do ? I am feeling sad that even after frequent latching it seems that baby is hungry that is why he cries. Please help mummies 🙏 #advicepls #firsttimemom

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It might be because he’s not getting enough milk from your breast. You can consider pumping after latching to increase your supply. Anything after 15-20 mins on the boobs is considered as comfort latching and he’s not feeding already. In short, human pacifier. If you’re latching for 45mins long each time and he keeps showing latching cues, you basically don’t need to do anything else apart from latching 24/7. Will you be going back to work after ML or will you be a SAHM till he’s ready to wean? If you’re intending to go back to work, I’d suggest introducing bottle while latching. Start with the slowest flow teat. Even after you start work, the caregiver can still bottle feed them while you latch baby before and after work/before sleep. I personally stopped latching (my monster grew teeth and used me as teether) and give full EBM for my sanity. That way I don’t have to keep waking up to latch and my husband can also help with night feedings. Also, I can track my baby’s intake and they can sleep longer. I would rather have a full baby. 😊 Happy baby, happy mummy.

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My first born was a girl and loves to latch. So I introduce bottle fed when needed. Why? FM makes them full as compared to BM eventhough they latch pretty long. It can also be that they have stomach upset hence the whine and grunting. And at this modern era, we have brands that has bottle teats that replicates mum's nipple. The only reason they loves to have BM direct latch because of mum's smell, bonding that's all. Baby wont be confused between bottle teats and mum's nipple. They will get use to it. If you don't start to introduce bottle feeding whenever needed, you will have difficulty to wean off when the time comes and it will take months, years. Having said that your nipple need rest too, you can't let them latch too long or your nipple will be blister. You can also do express milk meaning to pump and bottle fed, you may perhaps see changes in the feeding period. Alternatively, last option to have soothe (pacifier) to let them suck on it when needed. Hope this small tips help.

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I'm experiencing something similar with my 2 week old. I read that it's called cluster feeding where the bb is trying to help increase the milk supply, and bb might be going through a growth spurt. though he doesn't latch that long. more like he needs to drink every 45 mins interval. if you are latching for 45 mins, could it be bb falling asleep while drinking?

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2mo ago

but then again could be our milk flow speeds are different. I think you can gauge by seeing how long you take to pump each side? then compare with how long bb latches. when I was still in the hospital, bb latched for 2 hours, and the nurse told me it was too much lol so if he always falls asleep latching, just stroke his cheek to make him continue. hang in there! I'm a first timer too, I'm sure we will figure things out. :)

Bb hungry so latch for food.