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Hi mummies i will be enrolling my LO in infant care soon. Can i know how long do your LO get used to the new environment? Will he be able to sleep well? My LO will only want me to put him to sleep. Worried he will not sleep in infant care. He will also need to rock to sleep as he is quite fussy and cranky baby till now. Any advices?

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He will get used for it soon. Do not worry. my son took 6 month for that

hows ur LO now? im enrolling mine in May. quite worried too..same case as urs..

3y ago

Hi my LO is still rock to sleep. sometimes only during his first nap in the morning i manage to pat him to sleep. The rest of the day till bedtime still rocking. He will enter when he is 18months. Now he is 13 months.