More like a rant than a question. Today, I pulled my toddler from his sports day because he got uncomfortable with the crowd and he became fussy, complained that he is hungry and didn't want to join in any activity. I took him out and prepared to leave when he went crying and shouting that he wanted to stay. I took his hand and went away but he continued to shout and parents and kids were looking at me like I'm some kind of a monster mom. I took him to a cafe and he continued to shout. One mother with a kid there was looking at me like what a horrible thing I did making my kid cry like that. I'm not a perfect person. I might be a horrible mom. But if you give in to your kids' every whims, fancies and requests, what do you teach them about life? That they can get away with anything. I want to teach my kid about responsibility, about holding on to your word and that not fitting is okay. So the least thing I want is for other parents to judge me. Okay, just tired I guess from looking after 2 kids the whole day. I guess I just need a holiday :-)

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Hi Ester! Hope you are feeling better after a sleep. We all have our hard days and needing rest and sleep is the number 1 in the list, especially without any of the kids sleeping on our body per say. Please do not worry what other mum/people are thinking about. If i was the other mum, i would use yours as an exampleà to my 2years old son. This is not the way to behave. You see, my son has the same temper tantrum. So your situation is a very good example to educate my child, positively. I would show him how he has actually been, himself. Yes, i agree with you that its ok not to be around too many people and the pressure/ anxiety that he is feeling. Usually, in this situation if you quickly notice, give him warm long hugs and assure him you are with him and its ok to feel this way. (He's a toddler anyways) Next is to talk to him that if he doesn't like probably he could just sit down and quietly and hold on to something that he likes. If all fails and he started his tantrum again, let him be for awhile and you turn your back on him to cool yourself down and stay quiet say for 1 minute or so. As for me, i trial n error many ways and my most effective method is when the tantrum starts i would raise my voice and say to him. I will let you cry and stay home while i and his sister will enjoy at the playground now. This method will always make him stop crying. Another method is to divert his attention to something else. Hugs dear, you are doing well and hang in there. 😊

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We all have our bad days. So sorry this happened. At that toddler age, he still doesnt understand about responsibility and keeping our word. Toddlers are all very self centered. They want what they want. And they want it now. They dont understand how their actions affect others cos their brain is not wired to think in another person's perspective. Only at the age of 4 onwards will they start to understand a little. So don't be too hard on urself. He's just being him. One tip if it happens again. Of cos u dont need to give in to his every demand and definitely need to teach him what's right and wrong and where boundaries are. It's always good to remove him from the situation to a more quiet place, wait for him to calm down and talk to him. He may throw a tantrum so wait for him to calm down first. I personally don't really care hw others look at me. They're not the ones raising my kid so i dont give a damn abt them la. You're doing great Ester! All mummies are awesome!

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No problem Ester, we've all gone through good and bad times. Next time you'll be advising another mummy! hehe you take care ok? The ParentTown community is really great...we all help one another. :)

I feel you. I would have done exactly what you did. I had the exact same situation as yours during a holiday. My boy threw temper everyday at public places and people were throwing glances and even made comments about not teaching my child correctly. I totally could feel them judging me and the feeling sucks. But I ignored them and continued with what I wanted to do. You have to ignore them. You know what's best for your child, they don't.

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