The one that got away...

Hi moms! What will you do if the one that got away came back? 08/22/20

The one that got away...
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The person whom I was considering as my TOTGA actually tried to come back to me last year while I was pregnant with my son. Nung nag break kami last 2013,I sent him an email about how disappointed I was about our break up and that I will always love and wait for himπŸ˜…. (He broke up with me,LDR and cultural differences. He’s a Korean Australian man,10yrs older than me,btw) Anyways,when he messaged me last year. He told me he’ll be visiting PH and that he wants to meet me and maybe start something all over again. Sinabi ko lang na it will be impossible since I’m with someone else now and that I will be giving birth in a few weeks. He didn’t say that he was disappointed but he did mention my last email way back 2013πŸ˜‚. And he told me that I don’t need to block him cos he’ll just disappear anyway. That was the last time I talked to him. I don’t really know how I feel towards him now. I still think of him from time to time,honestly. There are still β€œwhat if’s” pero I’m currently really happy with my husband now so wala nang panghihinayang or whatever.

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wala. naniniwala ako na wala naman talagang "the one that got away". naniniwala din ako na kaya nawawala ang tao ay sinasadya ng Diyos na mawala sila kasi tapos na ang role nila sa buhay natin. kung babalik sila,hindi naman dahil sila na agad makakatuluyan natin. minsan tayo nalang din nagbibigay kahulugan sa mga bagay na hindi naman dapat na. lalo pa pag yun ang gusto natin mangyari. hindi naman lahat ng gusto natin mangyari,mangyayari at dapat mangyari.

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i dunno if hes my TOTGA kasi he cheat naman on me. in any other terms kasi as a man okay naman sya its just he doesnt want to settled kahit nasa age naman na sya. he's one of the people din naman kasi who cheered me up on my downfalls 😊 still thinking him every now and then. but dont get me wrong i love my partner naman since we have our baby in the first place, good catch na rin si partner kasi napaka responsible

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He became part of my life but that was from the past not in my future. i will never go back from the past the was left behind a long ago. it was just a part of my past and its only a memory. I'm happy and contented with what God has given me now! My husband and my baby is blessing. ❀️

he sent me fr just this week. I thought he moved on so I accepted. I just ignored him we didn't say anything to each other even we're already friends again in facebook. and I just want to keep us that way. coz I don't want to have any conversation with him

Walang ganyΓ n sa buhay ko. Thankful ako n wala akong grudge or unfinished business with my exes or whatsoever. MagHi lang ako, konting chika cguro. I will happily tell him about my family.

I don't know if "First love never dies" is true, but I do think so, Kasi Naman there's a part of me na nanghihinayang parin even though happy Naman ako sa partner ko ngayon.

masaya na aq ngyon I move on already huli na para mg came back 2 yrs kitang hinintay pro wla Kang ginawa kaya I'm happy now with my anak ko and loving husband πŸ’–πŸ’“

Mmm? SmirkπŸ€”πŸ˜… Let him see what he missed . charot .. Actually wala .. I am happy with my hubby ☺☺ di ako maaapektuhan ng existence nya🀣

wala lang, wala na kasi yung connection eh... para sakin pag tapos na tapos, pwede maging friends,. formality nalang siguro,