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will you ever be ready to face the truth that one day you will be away from your child? not because you cant take the responsibility but because it was for your child's safety. can you risk the distant and being a mom to him or her for a reason that your own presence is a grear harm that he or she wont ever get away if your with her or him. im suffering by the thought of it and its killing me. i dont know anymore what to tell her or him on my tummy that i have to make the most out of every single moment of being together because soon ill be away. im in pain , in sorrow and its freaking killing me. why does it have to be this way.

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hi mommy im not quite sure what you mean.. do you mean that when your baby will be born, he/she wont grow up with you? whatever it is just pray and ask for guidance and enlightenment also you can always share your thoughts and feelings here

5y ago

thank you