#MagandangGabi HorrorStory

1/3 Sharing my horrorstory. A real life one 🤫 Back in my elementary days. It was breaktime. I went to grooming corner of our classroom,beside of it is the CR. As I fix my hair in the mirror. I heard someone . . . Woman's voice crying. Got shocked and scared. . . I Run away. . That day, i told my experience to my one friend. She asked me " what 's the first thing you do, when you heard the CRY?" me: I just run away. Friend: you should've pray. Or even just do the sign of the cross. Me: i was so scared and shock. I forgot to do that. I didnt know what to do that time 😶 Days passed. . . Butterflies are around the corner.as if they are following me. . . . Do you think its some kind related to what I experienced? *will post the continuation soon . . . Comment below , how many interested in my real life story . . #MagandangGabi #horrorstory #realLife #tapAfterDark #MagandangGabi

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