Moms, how do you pacify your fidgety toddlers whenever travelling and dealing with this traffic here in the metro? imgae source:

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My nephew is also fidgety during long travels (and I meant long because of the heavy traffic in the metro) so I usually spend time playing with him. I distract him as much as possible--we play and sing and dance inside the car (tiring, I know). In this way, he actually gets more excited for our playtime during travels and does not get irritated anymore.

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I bring snacks as well as engage them in sing along sessions by playing their favorite CD. My eldest loves the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. LOL even if the movie came out way before her time. It shuffled on spotify once and she's been hooked ever since! bringing their fave stuffed toy or book also works for us. :) hope this helps, Ash!

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I bring snacks and a few Chu Chu TV download really help. When all of those are done, we browse her pictures in my cellphone and I make stories out of those. My toddler finds it interesting to see photos. If all else fails, I offer my boobs to feed her. And yes I do it in public. It is the best pacifying weapon for me.

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cool! thanks for sharing!!

Always don't forget to bring something to nibble with. Keep them busy! Toys, busy books or any ordinary books. This may also be the perfect time to make use of gadgets so they can surely stay put while you travel.

Traffic in Edsa is way too tiring. What I do is to make sure I have a lot of good songs to play in the car that my kids would sing a long. They love singing! I also bring tons of snacks.

My toddler loves to sing so we do our own version of 'carpool karaoke' to the tunes he loves :)

You're welcome.