With the day to day travel here in Manila, how do you protect your kids from all the pollution and intense heat?

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I don't allow the kids to commute yet. If the car isn't available, we just stay at home. And when on the road, we always have a bottle of water or juice to hydrate us. Plus we have baby wipes and alcohol in our bags to ensure cleanliness and safety from all the dirt around.

We bring numerous clothes and bibs for my baby because he perspires a lot. We also bring hat and blanket to cover him whenever we walk under the heat of the sun. And when we get home, we half-bathe him so he stays comfortable after a long day outside. :)

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Nako, for me, super baon talaga ng extra clothes plus water. I make it a point na dapat palaging hydrated ang kids pati dapat may sunblock din sila na apt for their age. Kasi mahirap na lalo na at iba na ang uv rays at intense heat sa panahon ngayon.

I let my son wear a mask when it's too hot and we have to go to crowded places. Riding the elevator at the malls could catch you sickness. I always make sure we have wipes and hand sanitizer wherever we go.

We make sure that we always have water in her diaper bag so she's hydrated all day. At home, since we live in a condo in Makati, we have an air purifier so at least the air she breathes at home is clean.

for me,naka byahe nakasi ako papuntang manila namay dalang bata so nag dala taga ako extra clothes wifes,diapper,water,alcohol number 1 nayan and i make it sure na sapag byahe namn safe baby ko.

water for hydration is very important, extra clothes