Hi moms , how many of you are young parents ? Im one of the young parent☺?

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Me i am currently pregnant at 19 years old and this month January 2021 i will be giving birth soon in a 2 plus weeks time

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I'm not sure is 24 consider young parents cos I have friends who gave birth at 20 😅

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Hats off to all of you brave mummies. I became a mum just before turning 27

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Pregnant at 18, gave birth at 19 - currently 21 with a 2-year-old :)

I got my first child at 18 now I’m 29 with 2nd child

I'm a young mom too. 26 with 2 kids. Is that young?lol

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How old were you when you had your first newborn? :)

Young parent here! I'm only 25. First baby!

Im become a mom at 19 but now im 29 🤭

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Not me ! But happy to hear those 💛