Bleeding During Sex! Is It Normal?

Hi. Mommy, I'm currently on 12 weeks. Having bleeding during having sex but I don't feel any uncomfortable or any pain. Is it normal? Please help me to clear this situation. Anyone hv sm experience?

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Tulis jawapan

Every trimester, there is some suggested positions which is not giving pressure to the baby. You can refer the dr, and read some article about sex during pregnancy. ☺️

As my gynae advice.under 20weeks no harsh n just do as gentle skill je..coz not good for fetus.if bleeding pakai pad then tgok full soak ke x.pape pon mmg kene refer doc.take care sis.

Reading one article from fb, it's not normal to bleed during pregnancy. Best choice is to go and see dr.

Go to your doctor asap please. Wish you all the best

I have the same problem too..

Super Mum

.. i suggest u ask ur doctor sis..

Not normal at all

Refer to doc sis.

Refer dr