Solid food for 6 month old baby?

Hi mommies, what solid food can I start giving to my lo? he's just turned 6 months old. Please help! thank you

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my kid first food was carrot puree and cereal, and then it was avocado, thereafter, I started introducing porridge and partial BLW, by the time he was 8-9 months old we transit to full BLW. Do take note of weaning cues like sitting up unassisted, showing interest in what you are eating, drooling watching you eat. baby should be ready for solid food journey when such signs are shown.

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I started off with normal food that we eat, so I don't cook extra, I don't puree, just mash. the common one will be meat, rice, eggs, and some greens. I will scope up before adding the seasoning, cut into small pieces or just use spoon to mash and serve.

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Steamed veggies like carrots and cauliflower cut into big enough pieces they can grip with their small hand. No peas unless smashed. But just choose one food per week at a time - so you can tell whether your child is allergic.


Avocado is the best first food. Next you need to give veggies before you start on fruit. If fruit is given before veg, they might be selective when it comes to veg. As for first veggies, try sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot.

you can see below as reference. I got reference book from NUH kids specialist counter. it is very useful. you can go there to take a copy if you are around that area

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some choose baby led weaning. while some choose traditional weaning. look out for readiness to start weaning. like able to sit up independently

Avocado, banana. If your LO is trying solids for the first time, u might want to purée them and mix in a little bm/fm.

I start off my LO with porridge mix with hard boil egg yolk (must be well cooked).

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Apple , bananas, pumpkin , broccoli , carrot , sweet potato all purées forms

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Fruit purée, mashed potato/pumpkin are all suitable for 6 month old babies.