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my baby is currently 4 months old & I’m planning to start on giving her solid food soon!! But not sure what to start with & how to start introducing solid food for her😅 any recommendations? #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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I didn’t rush to start solids until I observed her cues. She started looking at what we eat, opened her mouth when I offered her, and didn’t seem full after feeding milk. And recently she just turned 6 months and I started 1 week shy of 6 months. Introduced Gerber’s Organic Rice in her milk for a start. For feeding from a bowl, you may try and mix it with breastmilk. I used my baby’s milk formula scoop to gauge the amount. You can also mix with hot water too to your desired consistency. But do check the temperature before feeding it to baby. Example: 4 scoops & 20ml of EBM 8 scoops & 40ml of EBM Other than that I bought a food processor for $40+ from Shopee and have made some purées for her. For home use storage, I bought a silicone food cube tray. For containers I bought those sauce containers in bulk from SKP.

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My baby is 4 mths too and PD just gave the green light to start with rice cereal. The clinic gave me Cerelac samples and I mix it with breastmilk. Start with just a small amt with more breastmilk (very diluted, almost like milk alone) and subsequently reduces the breastmilk portion. I also started to let my baby suck on some fruits like pear, apple, watermelon, sweet tangerines, cherry, dates and grapes. I was hesitant with this at first but both my mom and MIL were so eager to give him which was quite a surprise as I thought the older generation would be more 'pantang' and not give solids so early. But anw PD actually also encourages it and indeed baby seems to love the fruits more than the cereal. At this age, it's more of introducing the taste to them first so u can try giving just before the next feed.

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No need to rush to intro solids. They have their whole lifetime of eating solids. Pls only introduce when you see ur child is ready (can sit up straight for some time), not when you are ready


best is start around 5 month to 6 month old. this is how I start hope it helps.

5.5 to 6 mos if u try BLW steam veggies like carrots, potato, sweet potato will do u can also puree fruits