counting days and wondering

Hello mommies. Today I'm 38weeks 4 days. Everyone around keep asking if i feel any pain . But yet, I don't feel any bad pain. My tummy kinda big as i notice few people did ask me if i am having twins . But nope, it's just a single baby. Heheh. Any mom experience the same? This is my first pregnancy . Can't wait to c my lil angel, but at the same time, scared of the pain .

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Tulis jawapan

im just delivered my first baby on 38 weeks 3 days. i startes to have pain from home it self. i feel most important before u have pain is exercise breathing method. only that can change the way u see the pain. we breath in and breath out strongly

If you dont feel yet the pain, usually doctor would suggest to induce during 39 weeks. My doctor suggest the same thing to me. Now im 36 weeks 2 days. If dont have any pain yet, he ask me to go to hspital & induce

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Thank you mommy! inshaaAllah... I'll stay calm ..

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