7mo baby refuse to eat solid

Mommies, is it okay for a 7mo baby refuse to eat any solid food? I tried giving plain porridge, puree, baby biscuits etc etc. He won’t open his mouth, crying and even pushed my hand away everytime tries to feed him. He’s currently fully breastfeeds. Should i be worried or not? Tq

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You should. When was the first time u fed him solid food? And what did you feed him?

2y ago

I started to feed my baby when shes 5months 2weeks. But with only 1 tablespoon per day of puree plain porridge. I didnt follow the 4day rules and for a week i fed her plain puree porridge. Till shes 6months then I started to give her sweet potatoe but she doesnt like it. So i stopped and gave her plain porridge + fish (ikan putih). For a month giving her ikan putih + porridge & serbuk bilis + porridge. Now shes 7months + almost 8 months I feed her 3 in 1 (veggie (cauliflower/spinach) + protein (ikan putih / serbuk bilis) + carbs (nasi). Ive tried giving her broccoli , carrots and chicken but seems like she constipate. But, When she reach 8months later i will try giving her chicken again. Try giving her plain bubur nasi puree again.