Hi mommies, Would like to know do you really go to KKM for check up? How do you avoid to go there? Is there any penalty? Its quite hard though need to take leave and go to two check ups. Can i just go to private instead KKM? I heard lots of mommies avoid to go KKM. ?

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There's no penalty if u r going to private for checkups. Both are the same. Both clinics undergone the same procedure throughout the pregnancy. U can ask for time slip (4hours max) if going for gov check ups. But as far as my experience working in gov hospital, the one that has undergone check ups at private has lots of lacking(antenatal book is not complete-lack of details of check up and information). It causes difficulty to dig up clinical history should problems arrive during delivery, or something is wrong with the baby. Maybe they've entered the details in the clinic's computer system kut? And gov clinic check ups is more thorough, despite the long queue.(Just my opinion). So if u r planning to give birth at the same centre as u follow up should be easier to go to private one. Just my 2 cents...

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My opinion private they don't check you as like in gov Kk.....i went to both private and gov private I will adjust accordingly to my free time gov I will take leave btr don't skip gov because buku pink tu penting sgt

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i did both too. when it comes to labour, always prepare for unexpected

Anak 1st dulu i fully with swasta coz i delibery pun there.. But for 2nd pregnant ni i think i prefer go both.kkm and also private..

Gov is better. Employee shud understand preggie mommies conditions and situations.

4y ago

I mean employer😁

kk more detail