Hi mommies, I'm 2 months and 19 days postpartum. My pre-pregnancy weight was 50kg, 63kg during pregnancy and now 55kg. Only 5 kilos to lose to bring back my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm struggling to achieve it. And aside from that, I still look like I'm 4 months pregnant because of my tummy. I'm exclusively breastfeeding so I've given up on dieting. I don't regret it because it's all for the welfare of my baby but I'd lie if I tell that I don't feel sad sometimes when I see myself in the mirror. I just need to post it here because I think this is the friendliest social platform for me. If I tell this to my family, they'd tell I'm maarte. If I post this in FB, people might judge me. So yeah, just venting out, sorry and thanks for reading. ❤️

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Just let it out momshie :) Take time to rest.

4y ago

Thank you. ❤️