Post Partum Depression

My anxiety, stress and depression is eating me. They become more stronger and stronger for months past. I'm 6 months pregnant now and there's a time I cried a lot to control myself to stop. But I can't, there's a time I can't even control myself to hurt myself and my tummy is my main target. My mind is so confused now because of bullshit things happened. Past is chasing me too. Feels me like I'm not worth of everything, I'm just a waste. And every time that's happen, I punch him/her hard as I can, and as many as I could. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to hurt my baby but I can't control myself. Before I use to drink, take some medicine and sleeping pills to calm myself but now I'm aware that I'm not allow to do it. I don't know what to do anyone. I don't want to consult my condition to a psychiatrist because they can't help, they make it more worst too. It only recall the bad past and make it hard to accept things when memories come. Also I don't know if I could tell this to my OB. She might get very mad and confine me somewhere. I can't tell this to anyone. They might think I'm crazy bitch and thinking that things happened to me are things they can used against me.

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Hi sis! Please consult a psychiatrist.. tama un isa nag comment sila lang talaga makakatulong sayo kasi sila lang mas nakakaalam kung ano ang dapat gawin. Please stop thinking of negative, kasi kahit dito ka manghingi ng advise mabibigay lang namin is mababaw lang kasi ndi naman namin profession un. Plus ask for the help of ur parents, sibling and friends they will help u. Isipin mo ns lang ang baby mo wag na un sarili mo. Baka mamaya mawala yang baby mo sa ginagawa mo mas lalo dadagdag yan sa ikaka stress mo. God Bless to u and ur baby sis!

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why are you feeling that way? is there anyone you can be with right now to help you feel better? i suggest you consult a specialist about your condition especially now that you are pregnant. your baby has to live, he/she will be the one whose gonna take care of you when you get old. atleast give the baby a chance to live, dont hurt the baby. he’s there for a reason. just pray and calm urself promise, if you pray it will make you feel better. god is with you. don’t lose hope, don’t give in.. be strong. you can do it!

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Same situation here i dont know if i have dipression, i always cry and mad,. For small things, ewan ko kung bakit, lagi din kami nag aaway ng asawa ko, pakiramdam ko may wala syang paki alam sakin at kay baby sobra akong nsasaktan pag may sinasabi sya sakin. At pag di ko sya mapigilan sa pag inom at sa pag punta sa mga kaibigan nya sa trabaho uminom din ako para malasing din ako at ng mawala sakit ng loob ko skanya.

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My partner (foreigner) has depression. It's on their genes i think (male side). And he's been seeing psychiatrist for 14 years. He said, before even seeing specialist, he has this suicidal thoughts. But after seeing him (his psychiatrist), he is improving everyday. And now that we have a child, the psychiatrist told me that my partner has never been this better. Fatherhood changed and improved him.

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bible lang po at dasal ang solusyon sa postpartum. sana malagpasan mo yang nararamdaman mo at maging bukas ka lang sa Panginoon, mas madali mo yan malalagpasan. Just have faith in God. We will include you to our prayers so you may be enlightened and would get a peace of mind and heal your broken heart. May God bless you and your baby

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Thanks for some mommy's who lift me up. Some advices and some ppl who willing to listen are very helpful. Well I give birth already but I still suffering from this depression plus anxiety. I make my baby to be my inspiration to still continue living and make myself strong every day, just for her.

Psychiatrist can always help. They are trained/educated to do so. Self harm is serious, most especially if you are pregnant since you can harm your unborn child. Ask for help before it's too late.

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I tried to go but I guess they think my situation is just a joke. They don't take it serious

Its not post partum (after delivery). Its ante partum depression ( During pregnancy). Seek medical advice for your problem.

I hope you can find helpful tips in this article, mamsh. It may give you some comfort.

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Ano po yung past nyo?