Body Change

Being Pregnant includes the changing of our body... On my part the moment my body start changing I felt insecure, I felt ugly. Every time I saw myself in the mirror I cry, tears just fell of my eye. It became worst but I don't tell or show it to anyone cause it just makes my insecurity worst. I feel down most especially when I'm alone, I don't feel beautiful anymore. But still I try my best to take care of my body and how I look just to lessen my anxiety and what I feel. But still being Pregnant for me is a beautiful journey it's just that you need to accept and open your arms to all the changes that is happening to our body and make sure to be healthy. ?

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agree with you. and i felt the same.. or maybe till now.. hehe some changes are meant to last 🤣 masaya p din kc may pag lalaruan kna.