Hi mommies! I just wanna ask, now i'm 36weeks of pregnancy and i had a fever, flu and sore throat. Is it okay with the baby, i'm worry bout the baby condition ?

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Hi Mommy... I was in your shoes in my 36 weeks pregnancy too. Your body temperature should not more than 39c because baby in the womb cannot stand with it. Go to hospital and Dr will provide paracetamol. n for the flu, they will give u tab loratadine. both medicine safe for the baby. just eat it without hesitate. afraid the fever might getting worse.

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Get checked with doc..I was in the same situation since last Wednesday... just get your blood test done to check wether it's normal fever or any infected virus.. because if it contains bacteria or something, you should be warded..

I had fever in my last pregnancy. I think 28 weeks. Went to kk for normal checkup but ended up the doctor sent me to the hospital using ambulance. Lol. First time ever going in an ambulance. Warded for 2 days I think.

Sy bru kena mggu lps 36 demam, batuk, selesema... Trus jumpe dr.. Nnt dr bg prospan n paracetamol... Better cek dr tkut influenza k deggi.. Sy cek drh mmg kena jgkitn kuman dr bg antibiotik skli

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Sy bru 10w dri awl thu pregnant demam on off nie btuk plk..same goes to my husb...dya pn alahan skli..dmam on off+btuk truk😅

It is ok, tp sebelum makan ubat better jumpa doctor dulu sbb doc akan bg ubat yg sesuai utk pregnant mommies

Better to see a Dr. I had fever in my first trimester and now again flu and fever in my third trimester

Saya awal2 pregnant demam batuk sume... Anything kalau tgh pregnant ni.. G je jumpe doktor lagi bagus..

yup!suggestion yg bagus,jst meet the doctor first.

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Minta nasihat doctor... Take care