sleep position and nose bleeding

hi mommies, may i know what is your sleep position every night? I'm in 23 weeks and start having sleeping trouble. and, do you guys experience nose bleeding?

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i poke my nose and found a strain of blood clot on my booger.. yes its ewwy..hahah. its normal to have nose bleed because i read some articles,it says that pregnant woman body becomes more heaty than usual. i drink 4 litres of water and i dont see it happen again.and as for sleeping position,i sleep on my sides with pillow in between the legs belly and back but always wake up on my back with all the pillows on the floor😂 . i find that cold dark room with heavy blanket and 1 leg poking out makes me fall asleep faster.. also try focusing only on ur breathing.kinda like hypnotizing urself to sleep.hope this help😊

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4y ago

aww thanks dear! whoah, 4 litres a day. i never reach that amount yet. but, i can try. thank you for your feedback. i also keep on worrying if i sleep on my back because i can pressure the baby (just heard from somewhere). right now, I'm like, turn to the other side once i feel by leg/back kinda tired.

Saya ada juga nose bleed... Malam mmg selalu juga tak lena.. Mesti kerap terbangun tgh malam.. Huhu skrg saya 21 weeks preggy

4y ago

ooo oke baik2. mungkin sbb kurang air juga. sehari satu liter je. kne minum banyak lg ni