Lump in the armpit during pregnancy

Hi mommies, I developed a lump under my armpit during my pregnancy, it's been 6 months post pregnancy and the lump is still visible. Anyone else had this issue ? If yes... Pls advice

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I had also one side more obvious than the other. But gradually went down and 5 months pp they are gone. I believe they are swollen milk ducts at armpit area. If 6 months still there better to consult gynae just to make sure.

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I also have. I went to a Dr and they said it feels like an accessory breast. But need to do ultrasound to confirm. I suggest u do the same

Do check with your doc and do a scan asap. I got a lump when i am pregnant and found out i got cancer. So pls go see a doc

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I'd an accessory breast (third nipple) that has developed with the pregnancy hormones too. Do check with ur gynae

Please consult your gynaecologist asap. Hope nothing serious. Take care.

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Hi... This is not normal. Please consult a doctor immediately

Hi, I would suggest please visit the doc for advise

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Do go for check up, lump can be a serious matter.

If is a lump then need to check with gynae

U should see a dr to have It checked