Hello mommies, how soon do you buy maternity insurance and/or insurance for your newborn baby? Tia!

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I bought for myself pre natal maternity rider that covers myself during pregnancy and lasts up to 3 years post birth. It also covers up to 3 years of baby. Did not buy pre natal coverage that flows over to life insurance for baby as I don’t see the existing need for life insurance for babies at such an early stage. But really depends on your preferences :)

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Maternity insurance is from week 13 till before the third trimester I believe. If you want to buy this, though, you should buy it before the foetal anomaly scan, otherwise they might exclude conditions. Newborn insurance.. I think from 15 days after birth. That’s the earliest.

Best to buy before GD test is done as you’ll be excluded or rejected if you test positive for GD. I’ve not bought maternity insurance as coverage is very little and premiums too expensive which I don’t find worthwhile.

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Maternity insurance From 13 weeks. I think this is standard for insurance companies as first trimester is still high risk. After delivery, auto-converted to baby’s life insurance. Bought from Prudential.

You can buy maternity insurance from 13 weeks of pregnancy onwards. I just bought mine (bundled with whole life plan to be transferred to baby) at week 23 of my pregnancy.

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Yup that’s right.

Bought it ar 13 wks! Do check the coverage esp if the insurance covers mama and baby all the way.

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I buy maternity as soon as I can - 13 weeks For new born, I will buy as soon as I can too, 14days

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Insurance for newborn is 1 month old we sign the income shield and whole life

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Baby h&s can buy after 15days +. Maternity insurance is optional


I got my baby insurance when 1 month after she's born