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Hello mommies how u react ur partner having friends n having drinks night with his frnds n it’s going to be more n more n I am worrying that he may become drinker a day ... how to control him .. if I scold he don’t talk to me .. again . I don’t know how to deal it . We hv shifted to new place we got new frnds here n he is hot drinking frnds .. n it’s the 1st time he got frnds here initially I was happy coz he was becoming social now .. but now I am scared tht he is going to change completely n become drinker .. almost every week going for drinking n coming late nt .. he never had like so since 5yrs n this is the 1st time from past 2 months .. I am really scared n worried .. the frnds also like family frnds only but I don’t know how to stop him pls suggest

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Talk to him without flaring up.. tell him your concern over his health and that your kiddo would like to spend more time with him. Tell him you’re not completely barring him from going out for a drink.. you’re just asking him to lower his frequency.. getting angry or scolding him won’t get you anywhere. you guys are both grown up. please discuss things amicably.

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Hello mummy! Wondering if your Husband is going through anything? Stress? That he continues drinking, even if they are like family friends? In this situation I would speak to him but don’t bring in the emotions. Just to let him know that i’m concerned but I’m not stopping him entirely, just hope he can reduce it.

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Hi, It is best, to talk straight about this if you really feel the situation and drinking habit is a bit too much. Drinking with friends is normal, but try explaining him, why it is not good to drink this much. I am sure he will understand and things will be better :)

Sit down and have a chat with him. Maybe can find out if he's under any stress or any thing? Then let him know how you feel. I think the main thing is don't lose your cool at this time else it may push him away.


Sit down with him and have a serious talk. Tell him calmly how you feel. Set boundaries on your expectations. You can’t allow this to continue as habits are formed by repeating a task within 30 days

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You should totally be honest to him about how you feel about it and tell him it if effecting you as well. If not try to make his parents to talk to him.

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Best to talk to your husband now, discuss your fears n insecurities with him. Get some support from family and friends as well.

You try to talk to him nicely and tell him how you feel abt this. If fail then maybe can consult your parents or your pil

Have a conversation about it and try to make your husband understand your worries.

Pls share your feelings with your hubby . Excessive alcohol can harm his health...