Baking Soda Gender Test

Hello mommies, have any one of youbtried the baking soda test in a way to know the gender of the baby? It is interesting though as i have not know my baby gender but i am eager to know ??boy or girl i am still be blessed and thankful but i just cant wait to know the gender still ????

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Tulis jawapan

i did tried it and also with the purple cabbage,chinese calender and the ring test because i am used to know everything 🤣. but its all just for fun.i dont rely on such prediction unless i see it with my own eyes. there is one test at shoppe that cost rm12 i think but my partner find it a waste of money so i never tried it.31 weeks and still havent known the gender.😅 oh well, i guess it would be a surprised when our baby pops out.

Baca lagi

the method is not valid dear.. better to have detailed scan when u reach your 20s weeks...