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Hi mommies, do you have any recommendations for cameras at home? Preferably something not too ex and good, as i am hiring a helper, need to install at home. Appreciate your suggestions!. TIA!

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I use xiao mi camera, has many different models to choose from and also affordable. It can detect human movement and you can watch live feed from an app also, very convenient.

4y ago

I buy on Lazada, cheaper than in store :)

For me xiaomi took quite long to load. I change all xiaomi to tapo (d-link) from challenger. Cost about $59

Been wanting to get the xiaomi one but haven't gotten to it yet

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We’re using Xiaomi; works well and affordable.

Am using Xiaomi - can view on mobile phone

Am considering between iBaby vs Xiaomi

Xiaomi from Mi shop

Xiaomi recommended

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Try xiaomi

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