what cameras are you guys using at home for monitoring of maid activities when handling baby? I'm gg back to work and am looking to install a simple wifi home camera. what brands would you guys recommend? thanks!

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Perhaps a camera from the brand D-Link, it's a reliable brand. The D-Link DCS-933L H.264 Infrared Wireless Cloud IP Camera sends hd images and videos to your email and can capture images even in low light environments. Retails for about 100SGD. http://www.lazada.sg/d-link-dcs-933l-h264-infrared-wireless-cloud-ip-camera-2344066.html

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I don't think the term "maid" is the correct one to be using. Perhaps "helper" is better. I didn't realise that recording your helpers activities in the home was something that people did! I think if you are concerned enough that you feel this is necessary, there are probably bigger issues going on that you should address first.

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6y ago

Given so many of the questions I've seen on here, including this one, I do think there are serious problems in Singapore with how people treat their domestic help. Using the word "maid" does provide an insight of how somebody sees their domestic helper. Asking about how best to spy on them when you're out of the house is another indication. My point was that if you feel the need to spy on your helper, there are obviously issues of mistrust, which I think should be dealt with, rather than spy on

My mil got foscam fm Challenger. We put it high up in the centre, it can view most areas but there are blindspots though as the camera can't go all the way down unless mount on ceiling i guess

Foscam is good, been using it for the past 1 year and still great. Can watch on the phone as well.

Sorry to ride on. May I know how much does foscam costs? Where can I get them?

singtel home live cam . package include broadband and line too

6y ago

I wouldn't recommend Singtel home live cam as the graphics are really really bad and at times I have counter issues like unable to connect due to technical issues.

I am using foscam

Foscam is