Breastfeed/Formula(3 week Newborn)

Hi, do any mommies doing breastfeed & formula when baby is not yet 1 month old? I feel useless as I can't produce much milk & felt like i depend on formula more. Furthermore, not sure when is baby done with breastfeeding...

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I couldnt get my milk out for 1 weeks while was in the hospital, the nurses and lactation doctor kept trying to get milk out but in the end couldnt. for the first week my baby was born, she relied on formula. same as you i felt useless. after coming back home, i kept persevering and started pumping to force my breast milk out. after awhile, it came out, not enough tho so i ended up having to fed her formula. ive been feeding her breastmilk and formula until now. i wish i could do without formula because of how expensive they are but im still unable to breastfeed full time and have endless supply of frozen breastmilk. theres no shame at all, we all have different bodies and some bodies can have a surplus of breast milk and some bodies just dont produce enough. as long as you try your best for baby, thats all that matters 🥰

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Well, i totally feel you. We stopped latching because my girl is totally impatient and cannot wait. I have always hoped that i could totally bf and only rely on fm when we are out. There was one period i could still produce enough for her daily meals but things got worse when i had very bad clogs which lasted i think since 2nd month or so. My bm went down totally and Now in the 4th month, she is still on mixed feeding (more towards fm). Friends have always told me that giving fm doesnt mean that we are not good and useless. For some reason she has always given fm to her girl who is already 1 but was told to go on fm because bm lack of iron or smth. Dont give up!

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I felt you cause I was like you when my baby was born...I didn’t produce lots of milk until my baby’s jaundice was getting worse..So, i mix formula milk and breastmilk for 2 months but use more formula until jaundice gone (in that time, i felt useless as mother but my best friend told me that giving breastmilk/formula milk didn’t define good mother or no cause journey of being mother is still long as long as we’ve tried and it has already awesome) the truth is our baby needs happy mother cause they can feel our feeling..i can fully breastfeeding after 2 months..hang on mommy 💪🏼you’re great mom ❤️ I 🤱 max 30 minutes (15 minutes/each breast)

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5mo ago

after jaundice , do you still formula? how much formula do you give the max? felt so useless that i cant BF, which is painful & i'm scared of my baby will get dehydrated if i depend only on BF, as my baby was admitted before due to dehydration(depend on BF) and jaundice level that was too high. btw thank you so much for your comforting comment. may everything goes smoothly for you always :))

I didn't manage to give my baby any bm until 2 wks pp. And it was very little amount. Now I'm still pumping and accumulate enough for only 1 to 2 feeds per day. The rest is formula but I think it's OK. I was very depressed initially too but I've moved on. Some of our bodies just can't produce enough. Baby is 3 mths old and still healthy and developing well.

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thanks to all mommies, may everyday be smooth for all of you!