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I’m due soon. I would like to breastfeed my baby as much as I can. However I also know that all depends on how much breastmilk I can produce. I would like to buy a formula milk to standby just in case I can’t produce much milk. Any great brands of newborn formula milk to recommend?

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I used Enfamil because that’s what the hospital gave while we were there (she needed topping up because she was so, so hungry 😅). So you can also wait to see if your LO really needs the topping up if you like.. and then you can see what the hospital is offering at that time. But if you do buy before delivering, buy the tiniest tin (400g) 🙂

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My PD Adviced that all formula milk are abt the same. Unless u are looking into the different types example, soy base, sensitive stomach, goat milk kind of thing. If not its fine for any formula. So my personal advice is to go for something u can afford on long run.

I’ve been using Fairprice Gold formula milk since my baby was a few months old. Affordable and delicious - my baby prefers this to Enfamil. You actually need to try and test a few to see which one your baby prefers / is compatible with.

Hey dear, the more you breastfeed the more milk will come out, so do not give up if in initial days you face any problem. Regarding recommendations of formula milk, your doc can guide you the best :)

I standby Similac, the small one. But haven’t given formula to my 1-month old babygirl yet.

No need to standby. If need to, nursery will provide

Our PD recommend Nan

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Try Nan