Hello to all mommies and Daddies, I'm a Mother of two 6 yrs old and 5months. My question are: How many months can start to give solid food for baby (for my 5months old)? What are the recommended food should I need to give? Can you share some tips ? Sorry to this as I really forgot already it was 6 ago. Thank you in advance ❤️??

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Hi! You can start feeding at 6 months old. When you feed too early, they are at risk of childhood diabetes. When we started feeding our baby, we started with steamed and mashed pumpkin. Then we slowly changed it to different vegetables. Eventually, when they reach about 9 mos, you can mix 2 veggies to add more flavor and variety. My baby is 15 months old now, and she eats what we eat now. We just make sure we make it very small parts for her so she won't choke. And when you are introducing new food, make sure it's 3 days apart, in case your baby will have an allergic reaction, at least you know which one is the culprit

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