Can I check , my friend's LO is the same age as my LO.. Both are 9 months old now. When LO was 6 months old then I start him on solid food, whereas my friend started her LO at 4 months .. She has no restrictions on what kind of food she gives to her LO whereas I'm more prudent in what I give cos I worry certain high allergic food if give too early might do more harm than good.. But she said that I'm overly paranoid .. She said should just give anything .. Am I really too paranoid ??

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There is no clear cut only one way of parenting. Our parenting choices depend on how we're brought up, the information we're exposed to, our level of control and our personal capacity. It is medically recommended that kids should only start solids at 6 months, unless the pd thinks otherwise dependent on the child's condition. As for food introduction, it's also recommended that we start them slow introducing 1 food ingredient at a time to check for allergy. It offers the child the chance to taste the natural flavour of each food too. To me, there is nothing wrong with being cautious. When it comes to your own child, it always pays to err on the side of caution and there must be reasons for certain medical recommendation. That said, your friend may feel that her child ain't an allergenic child since both parents aren't or that it's not her first child and thus it's easier for preparation of meals. Even so, I feel that it's basic courtesy to respect every mother's wishes and not judge them on their parenting ways. Don't feel bad about it. In my humble opinion, they've a life time to eat. Why hurry them along if you can let their organs mature a little before they start on solids, lest constipation sets it. Why hurry them when they can taste each ingredient in its original form. You're doing fine Mummy! *pats back*

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You shouldn't worry over your what she said. Ultimately you have to go by your gut feeling, yes? I love love love planning meals for my little one at 9 months now. Bread and oatrice cereal stuff for breakfast, purees for lunch and then baby-led weaning for whatever leftover from puree-making stuff I can steam in my ricecooker layer for dinner. And you don't have to worry if your LO is bored of the same food for 3 meals! Personally I will start the "high-chance" allergic foods when she turns one, mainly because I believe her immune system will be stronger then and this thought is also different from mothers who think early exposure will do better for babies. To each her own! Don't stress, your LO will feel your stress too

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It's really up to personal preference. A friend of mine was super careful with her first born baby as all mommies are. She followed what the baby books said and kept track of everything her mom said regarding what not to give baby at certain ages. But for her second baby, she was not as cautious anymore. I reckon, after years of trial and error, she became more confident and realized that there is no need for certain things and wasn't as "by the book" as before. Don't worry too much baby about what your friend is doing. You do you and she does what she does. There isn't one right way to parent or raise a baby.

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Every parents and babies living/teaching/learning style and pattern are different. Don’t compare, as long as baby is growing well and Mummy is coping well/comfortable with what you are doing. :) By the way the recommended age for solid is 6months old.

Hi mummy, I'm just like u. And the mummies around me are like us too. There is nothing wrong with being mindful on what we give to our LO. Sometimes we just want the best for our LO. Just do what you feel is best for your LO! :)

I would take note of what I'm giving to make sure my girl Don have any allergy first.. my girl is baby lead weaning now, I tend to let her try new food like what we eat but I will take note of the seasoning .

I'm also very careful on wat I give my lo. As much as I would like to have no restrictions l,I do believe that not all ingredients are suitable for certain age group due to its texture, toughness and nutrients.

Every parent's parenting style is different, what works for one kid might not work for the other - so just stick to what you're comfortable with! :)

Take other parents experiences as reference. Then try to find a best fit or your own for your child. Every parenting style and child is different.

Every mummy does things differently. I am just as prudent as you. I think it is alright as Long as you are comfortable.