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Hello mummies, I would like to seek your opinion regarding wfh with baby. My baby is currently 5months old. My baby can flip continuously, change 180° direction within 2 minutes and can crawl a bit. My baby is quite obedient. I'm thinking of applying for a wfh customer service job as I need income. However, there are some factors which makes me hesitate. Baby turning 6months old and will start to learn how to swallow food. I need to teach baby how to sit, how to hold milk bottle, how to hold the utensils and eat the food and how to walk as time passes by. I also have to cook for my family daily and do house chores every 2 days, I also need to trim my baby nails every 3days. I'm not sure whether should I try to work or not. Could you please advise me on what should I do? Thank you very much. Hope you have a pleasant Saturday. 😄

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We're on the same track momsh, my baby is turning 7 months this month I'm a lil' bit hesitant to try wfh as well. So, I seek some advice to my friends and family. They told me if I'm comfortable with it and I can do multi-tasking it's okay but if it can affect my baby and my other chores it's completely fine not to take it too. I know it's a bit worrisome because of the pandemic esp. when it comes to our financial needs but whatever your heart desires always go for what's best for you and your child😊 God bless momsh😊

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Thank you 😁😁