Hello to all mommies and Daddies, I'm a Mother of two 6 yrs old and 5months. My question are: How many months can start to give solid food for baby (for my 5months old)? What are the recommended food should I need to give? Can you share some tips ? Sorry to this as I really forgot already it was 6 ago. Thank you in advance ❤️??

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Hi, Doctors say that one can start giving solids to babies after 6 months as before that breast milk gives everything that is required for baby's nutrition. Same even if the baby is on formula milk. After six months you can start giving porridge, mashed potato, banana, etc. You can start actually with everything but slowly and steadily, as the digestive system of babies is not mature enough to give all of it at the same time. Give him soups, home made juice, cottage cheese, veggies which are nicely boiled and mashed to avoid choking hazard. Anything made at home and light on the baby's stomach is good for the baby. Just make sure to give in moderation.

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6y ago

Better to get him to your pd before deciding anything yourself.