Hello to all mommies and Daddies, I'm a Mother of two 6 yrs old and 5months. My question are: How many months can start to give solid food for baby (for my 5months old)? What are the recommended food should I need to give? Can you share some tips ? Sorry to this as I really forgot already it was 6 ago. Thank you in advance ❤️??

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It is recommended for babies to start at 6months old. That is a gauge. Some start earlier and others later. You can start by offering pureed food such as carrots, applesauce, pumpkin, lentils, pears these are all safe and easily digested. You may also add a tinge of fm or bm whichever you are feeding baby. I started mine at 4months old, but thats just for fun. Milk is still the main diet. At 6months old, even if he takes 1 tsp thats totally fine.

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Sorry i missed your question. Go to the pd for?