Hi all, do you still let your MIL see your child (18 months gal)when she always say your child is ugly and fat? She never buy anything like my child's fav food or toy, or offer to help to look after my child while we are busy with our work, where we need to return home late. Whenever, my child is sick where need to hospitalised, due to high fever, my MIL will make up like a clown, and visit her and said grandma Sayang u, after that no calls from her, to check on her grand daughter whether she is doing fine. Really don't know, what is in her mind.

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My mil told me upfront she will never take care of my kids the moment my husband informed them we are pregnant. She didn't buy anything for my kids for full months, birthday etc and always make my kids go hungry for hours just to wait for my SIL (either she overslept or take long hours to prepare) or give in to every request of her (e.g. my girl is watching tv first and mil just switch channel because my sil want to watch other channel when we visit.) In fact, my mil treated me like a helper too but we still visit them once per month. Not because I "love" to but because of my husband and to teach my children. My husband know how badly his family treats me so he appreciate me for respecting them by loving me more. By visiting them, it avoid my husband from sandwich between his family and us which save us a lot of quarrels. To my kids, i am teaching them respect elders even when they are harsh so that when I am old and getting bad tempered they will still come back to visit me. However, I never allow my in-laws to disrespect myself or my kids. I will tell them of when they are rude and delay visitation if they continue to be mean to let them know I mean it.

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6y ago

Then she went to her nurse neighbour to get a Super old baby cot was owned by the neighbour's grandson 10years old now.The mattress was filled with a lot of yellow stains. She said just use the sun to dry the mattress to kill germs a few days can already.

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No. i wont. what for? You want to be called a ahma then behave like one. Make an effort to show that you dote this grandchild

6y ago

Really feel sad 😭and angry about it. Real ah Ma not Step ah Ma can do such thing. Heartless Loh. 😡 Sometimes think don't know whether the Son was born by her.

Why do you have expectations from your Mother in law? It's not her child. It's yours after all

6y ago

At least to behave like what an ah Ma should have, to dote grand child.

Nope and isn't it better this way, no MIL problems.