What Type of Diaper Bag Are You Considering?

They are so many brands with various designs. What would be the best & friendly to the wallet? =)

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Actually I didn't buy a diaper bag cos what are the chances of bringing the baby out to jalan jalan after birth? Maybe for vaccination? Think if want to save money can just use any other bags of ours that are big enough to store pampers wet wipes, milk and milk bottles can le. Hehe

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I dont use a diaper bag when i bring baby out.. as baby still latching, i only bring one Jujube Fuel Cell ($50). Able to fit 4 diapers, a pack of wipes, nursing cover, a romper. More than enough to go out even to Malaysia for a day trip

I have 2 jujube bag (gift from friends) but they were way too heavy! I ended up using my old anello bag. I dont think theres a need for a “real” diaper bag.

True that haha but currently don't really have a big bag.. We do travel quite a bit so thought it would be convenient..

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Hi... you might find this article useful https://sg.theasianparent.com/diaper-bag-singapore

3y ago

Thank you, I'll have a look..

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I don’t use diaper bag, a Adidas bag pack work the same for me.

Jujube has many nice designs...

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Jujube, Adidas back pack!

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