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Hi mamas. Just wanna rant here. I’m currently staying with my husband & mil together with my baby. I have no issues with my mil prior arrival of my baby. However, nowadays my mil has a habit of passing remarks about my baby which is deemed unnecessary & annoying? Such as when my baby’s crying hysterically out of the blue she would literally say ‘diam’ as in quiet. I’ve been hearing this & I feel like I should address it to her. Like seriously you’re asking a baby to shut up when their only form of communication is crying? It’s like people asking you to shut up when you’re talking? Sometimes she would also comment ‘so teruk’ meaning ‘so bad’ when baby is crying. Honestly, it’s annoying & if I were to answer her back, I’m afraid I would be disrespectful .

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What a horrible experience.. I'm sorry you're going through that stress at the moment when it should be enjoyable. I would suggest that you speak to your husband about this and let him understand your concerns as to why you feel such and such. As she is his mother, it is only right for him to be the one to sit down and talk to his mother about her unwanted behaviour. Likewise, if it had been your mother to do those things, it should be your responsibility to sit down and talk to her. All the best!

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I had the same experience. I Will defend the baby at all costs but be diplomatic. It’s hard but I had nasty remarks hurled saying ohh her flat head is ugly .. I Replied saying , babies are all born beautiful just like all of us… something like that . Non direct but it should hit homerun if it’s diplomatic. It’s tough when managing a newborn n the family but I won’t stand for bad remarks directed to a helpless child let alone a baby.

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Is she being serious ? I believe she has lost touch of taking care of her own son last time and theyre just old and cranky. I would honestly confront about it as whatever we say to baby will indirectly affect them even if they dont understand what we’re saying. And imagine if something happen and you need your mil to take care of the baby? Is she going to act rough on the baby still?

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4mo ago

Agree, even if the baby does not understand what we are saying as least show some respect? Like it would be rude if someone said the same thing to you. And yes, lucky my own mum’s taking care of my baby on weekdays once I start work so I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving my baby in her hands 😭

I would be annoyed and also concerned too, definitely wouldn’t want to leave the baby with her alone lol. Does your husband also hear her saying that? Might be better if he tells her instead to stop doing that

4mo ago

Its very important to also communicate and inform your husband on this. Atleast he knows whats going on and usually it must be own son talk to mother then the mother will listen. If we talk she will say we rude lah talk back lah