Hi lovely mummies! I'm curious what do you to your breast milk when your LO is not travelling overseas with you. Do you manual pump and consume back?

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If it's a short trip and there are the available amenities like fridge etc, then yes usually will keep. But if it's a longer trip, my friends share that they will not bring the milk back, just hand express and throw the milk away. Some have shared that in certain airports in Europe, it's a hassle to carry breastmilk when they carry breastmilk without baby coming along. Moreover, the LAG limitations are quite small and to some, it's not worth it to bring the milk back.

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Pump, freeze and bring back. You can use the freezer in the room or ask if the hotel can store the milk bags in the kichten freezer (if the room fridge does not have a freezer compartment). Pack into a cooler box or bag, put in some ice packs or cooler gel packs when you are coming back home.

I pump, freeze and bring it back as well. Depends if you are on a vacation or work trip. If you are on a work trip then you will need a to go back to freeze the milk. Otherwise, ill pump and freeze before going sight seeing.

I normally pump & drink... Cos the hotels i stayed are those small ulu hotels (my company are at the outskirts) which i dont really trust how they handle & freeze my bm.

Depends if u really think that it is liquid gold. I am low supply and I mix feed my baby. So I just pump and throw. Lesser things to carry/logistics when u are traveling

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No I don't consume. I carry a freezer to go bag and store the expressed milk in the hotel fridge/freezer till I am flying back