Breast Milk once a day

Hi parents! Curious if there’s any one out there breast feed or pump only once a day due to your work commitment and that’s the least you can do for your baby when you still want to give your baby breast milk? TIA! (Totally understand milk supply will drop.)

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Super Mum

Hey mama, Done this before. Also, have you heard of reverse cycling? This is where baby latches more when you’re home and drinks just enough to satiate her hunger when you’re away. You can read more about it here:

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2y ago

That’s interesting, and it’s new to me. Thanks mummy! 🥰

yes but that's after around 7 months so I only feed her the first meal of the day for breakfast cause that is when she is very hungry after woke up in the morning and can drink more.

2y ago

No other pumps/latches any more after that? Only just once a day?