any recommendation?

Looking for stretch Mark cream ... or oil... recommendation not sure which will be better ... Thank you....

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3y ago

Thank you :)

been using bio oil since my 8 weeks pregnancy until 28 weeks now. so far so good, my mother say my stomach looks clean & shiny.😅

coconut oil + vit e. have heard raves for clarins and bio oil too

Using Clarins. Order mustela recently. Use a variety? Hehe

Im using bio oil & clarins.. so far no stretchmarks ...

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I use bio oil oil. It’s good! Have no stretch marks :)

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I used Palmers. Not much stretch mark - 8mths pp now.

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Natural oils such as coconut or olive and bio oil

I used Clarins and bio oil. No stretch marks

You can try for Mustela for cream base