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Hi mummies, any recommendation for stretch mark cream that is affordable and not greasy? Thanks in advance.

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I use Palmer's which is an affordable option but I think it is quite greasy. But it's shea butter and for the price point, can't complain. Didn't want to spend too much on stretch mark cream because alot of articles say ultimately it's genetics. So altho I got no stretch mark on my tummy, not sure if it's thanks to the cream or my genetics also. haha..

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Butterkynd! Love it’s lighter, less sticky texture and it’s relatively affordable too :) I use this for day time and Clarins oil for night time. I’ve tried palmer’s and biolane previously but found them too sticky for my liking.

i'm 38weeks now. i used clarins set for moms but still got stretch marks all over my tummy... i think genetic plays a huge role in whether you will get stretch marks during pregnancy.

I have used clarins before but it's a little more pricey. Currently using sebamed brand for a more affordrable alternative

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Palmers or mamas choice. Also bio oil was super helpful for post partum marks for myself

use evereden ! Not oily at all and no stretch mark for me ! it can be bought at sephora

Can try mama’s choice. Search for mama’s choice official store on shopee

I bought palmer massage lotion. Buy on shopee will be cheaper than retail.

Hi I using Clarins, very good and not greasy with Clarins bath oil